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Why our services ?

Lasbro Hallmark is an expert and experienced contract developer for several years. We are avid to create innovative and user-friendly contracts depending on the demands of many leading companies.


Our vigorous will to learn and update as per the need of today’s client leads us to the pioneering establishment in this field. This led Lasbro Hallmark to:
 Increase productivity
 Lowering the operating cost
 Increase customer satisfaction
Lasbro Hallmark possesses an expert crew of experienced engineers, managers and skilled technicians.We are using the most modern technologies to deliver integrative services with utmost dedication. We are offering the services through a one-client interface. This will result in the simplification of most convoluted projects and reduce the operating costs.

Quality Management

Lasbro Hallmark is very keen to consider quality management throughout functionalities of the company. We put forward industrial standard quality management and are applicable at all the staff levels and across all the functional areas. We are enthusiastic to learn and update our work procedures
and it has led to considerable improvements cost-effectively. Our work procedures are subjected to modifications by customer reviews.
Industrial standard materials and engineering skills are employed by the Lasbro Hallmark for accomplishing the works assigned. We provide the contracts for civil, mechanical and electrical works.
The endeavour for maintaining an efficient crew and quality of service in each phase is an enormous effort. For this, we hire only expert professionals with proper background checks both in management and engineering sections. Lasbro Hallmark has collaborations with many multinational companies and with some new startups.
With the knowledge of future and experience from the past, we all together bring a leap in the industry.


As the company is growing day-by-day, Lasbro Hallmark is ardent to select the most appropriate candidates through placements conducted by experienced senior staffs. The crew of Lasbro Hallmark consists of brilliant employees from different nations with dedicated mindsets to deliver the best out of them.
Lasbro Hallmark undertakes both general contracts and construction managements. We possess expert crew of engineers, managers, electricians, licensed general contractors, businessmen and traders who are well experienced in their fields. They handover the best service and it results in the success of every project of Lasbro Hallmark.
Resources The primary resource of Lasbro Hallmark is our employees. We possess a workforce of diverse nationalities. Our thorough background checking helps us to hire the exact professionals for each field. Our staffs possess international experience and exposure that will add up to the goodwill of the company. Vision The vision of Lasbro Hallmark is to become the regional leader in the power and industrial sector as a developer and EPC contractor.MissionThe mission of Lasbro Hallmark is to:
Develop and maintain quality management, be the preferred contractor to the client, preserve
our Commitment to on-time project delivery and sustain high-quality standards.
Sustain continuity and growth of the company improving management skills to meet the Commitments to the satisfaction of Clients, Lenders, Employees and Shareholders.
Control the risks to meet Contractual and Financial Commitments.

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