Why our service?

Lasbro Hallmark is an integrative firm that also provides innovative interior designing solutions. As we are serving for several years, we seized a broad expertize in creating spaces that impress people to engage. We execute close-knit design packages from colossal picture concepts to the essential details.


Interior designing is an art which should be done with utmost care and concentration. Lasbro Hallmark strategizes and divides the task into simple steps like research and analysis, graphic design and interior architectural design.We possess an expert team of strategists, managers, designers, architects and specialists to accomplish the finest interior designing solutions. We are keen to use the most modern techniques to improve the aesthetics of your home.

Our Approach

Lasbro Hallmark simplifies the interior designing process into three steps; design, plan and execute. Our expert and experienced team spend enough time with clients to understand the requirements and objective of the project.
From this information, we start to evolve the design resolutions efficiently and execute the exact result with the greatest quality in every project.Simplification of the whole project will ensure maximum result within the minimum budget with quality and efficiency.


The first step of Lasbro Hallmark is to communicate with the client and understanding the design objective well. As we understand the objective, our expert team will analyze the design and initiate the planning. Our designers are
keen to spend enough time to design a plan which ensures perfection. Then only we will move on to planning and construction. This will result in the smooth run of the project without any miscommunication. Lasbro Hallmark is very avid to keep the communication inside each team very clear and prompt as each phase of interior designing isbeing effortlessly executed.  
Our work begins with an all-inclusive site survey. We use 3D laser technology to acquire the 3D images of each space. After getting the 3D images we start to discuss the comprehensive design procedure and also plan for the operational requirements of the project. After collecting all these data we create a conceptual design and drawing to provide the exact outlook of the whole project.Customization can be done with the conceptual design either by on site meetings or online calls. This will ensure the accurate design execution as per the requirements of the clients.


As the designing team of Lasbro Hallmark finalizes the conceptual design, the planning team starts working with precise coordination drawings to aid the architecture of the project. The communication with the production team during planning is much important to the accurate execution of the plan.  Likewise, during the production phase, our designers will also be involved to correct the implementation of each project.

Designs will mostly include comprehensive colour patterns, interior design theme planning, customization of the floor, distinctive and custom lighting elements, ceiling designs, furniture selection, artworks, etc. The planning team of Lasbro Hallmark will properly plan the arrangements for all these design suggestions.


The integrative approach of Lasbro Hallmark to execute the conceptual design provides the most adequate process. The production phase begins with pre-assembly of all the décor materials on the site. We are employing the most modern techniques to fabricate the design materials to ensure the finest degree of quality and integrity.
All onsite work is monitored and strictly regulated to assure the finest presentation for the property and safety for visitors throughout the project. During the production phase, our design and plan team will be also involved. This results in improving the quality of architecture.

How our company works

  • Site visit analyzing & pricing
  • Design, Material selection and execution
  • Cleaning & finalization with perfection

Residential Interior Designs

Our motto for success is obligation to appropriate solutions. Our system of sourcing, strategy,administration and authentication ensures consistency and optimal solutions to our services.

Commercial Interior Designers

Decor the commercial space smartly and enhance your business.


Office Interior Designers

Innovative workspace designs to improve the working environment

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